Monday, September 24, 2012

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You know, I'm just gonna copy-paste this over from Big Soccer today. Because I'm lazy. It's kind of a theme.

So first an apology. I actually thought I was doing great by finishing these up this morning, but then IR ealied there was a mistake in my last ratings. Had the wrong cell selected for one match for almost every team. So the good news is that since it was applied uniformly to every team it didn't make a huge difference upon correction, but there were a few correction. RSL down one instead of down two, columbus down one instead of no chance, chivas down two instead of down one and philadelphia no change instead of up one.

I'm not gonna repost those ratings (unless some one really wants them), but the corrected values are incorporated into this weeks ratings, which should be "accurate", whatever "accurate power rating" means...

Also this is gonna start getting easier to manage as the season winds down so I'm gonna start compiling some stats for teams. If any one has any requests for info they'd like to see, let me know and I'll see what I can grab.

Anyway, at Week 28 not a lot of surprises. New York starting to look like they're rated too high (though their fans seem to be their harshest critics, I still think they're a very solid team), DC starting to look like maybe they belong in the top five after all, and no surprises in the bottom. LA probably has time to climb a bit higher as well, but ratings are starting to level out across the board.

First off, the ratings.


Flavor of the week numbers are unsurprising, Chicago and LA playing dominantly as of late along with San Jose.

And, last and least, the season long graph. I may need to truncate this in coming weeks, but we'll see... I sort of like the big version myself, to be honest, but it is getting pretty unwiedly to look at.

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