Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Downing the Rapids

Back at it then, I finally sat down and cobbled together some player ratings for the Colorado game. This was the first game my wife and I were able to get to without the kids so it was a blast. We also happened to get free Budweiser beer garden passes which...... is so not worth $20. I mean, sure, endless beer is good, but it's not great beer, and the food selection wasn't exactly awesome. But, still, free is free, and it was kind of our five year anniversary, so, yay!

Managed to grab a few pictures as well, so let's just dump those and then get on with ratings, shall we?

Really good results, we needed all the points at home we can get. One thing that I sort of noticed though was that, while we've gotten good att maintaining possession and passing the ball around from side to side amongst our defenders with midfielders probing somewhat, our forwards seem pretty stagnant at the top of the 18 yard box. I'd like to see them getting more active, with the wide players switching sides with the ball to draw defenders out, or at least make them think a little, and hopefully getting Claudio open to work some magic in the middle. We'll see if that can happen.

Anyway, ratings. Yes. Here we go.

Colorado Radpids Rating
Clint Irwin 4.6
Chris Klute 4.6
Drew Moor 4.1
Nathan Sturgis 4.1
Mavell Wynne 4.1
Dillon Powers 5.1
Hendry Thomas 4.6
Shane Oneil 5.6
Deshorn Brown 4.1
Atiba Harris 4.1
Edson Buddle 6.5
Vincente Sanchez 4.6
Martin Rivero 4.1
Team Average 4.6
Sporting Kansas City Rating
Jimmy Nielsen 5.6
Matt Besler 5.1
Chance Myers 4.6
Aurelien Collin 6.1
Seth Sinovic 4.6
Graham Zusi 7.5
Oriol Rosell 4.6
Paolo Nagamura 4.6
Benny Feilhaber 7.5
Soony Saad 4.6
Dom Dwyer 6.1
Kei Kamara 4.1
CJ Sapong 5.6
Teal Bunbury 4.1
Team Average 5.4

So a bit of a toss up between Zusi's game winner or Benny's awesome blast for Man of the Match. I'm gonna have to go with Benny on this one. He's stepped it up a bit in the second half of the season, and his goal really openeed the game up and forced Colorado to come out. All in all a much better performance from SKC and 3 sorely needed point from home.

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