Friday, October 26, 2012

October is my favorite month.

Halloween? My birthday? End of the MLS season? What's not to love!?

Well, first and foremost, and, I guess, onlymost for this post (oooo, a rhyme) is that with the last game of the month (and season), it's time to drop the October player ratings. Here's what they look like.

Man of the month goes to none other than Jimmy Nielsen, largely for his performance in New York to keep a clean sheet and make SKCs life just a little easier. Also made a great penalty save against the Union, even if it got slopped up by Hoppenot (who I think could have a breakout year next year).

Will he turn out to be the team MVP? Best keeper in the league? LEAGUE MVP!? Only time will tell.

I'm gonna do annual team ratings and awards next though, so not that much time...

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