Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet the Menace / Beat the Menace

A few quick words prior to tonight's game (I almost never do this).

One : The Menace are in the middle of a crazy scheduele Here's what their road trip looks like.

Six games on the road in 15 days. Ouch.

Two : Surely their team name is a play on Dennis the Menace, right?

Three : Weather looks to be... interesting. I was going to bring my daughter tonight as this may be the last time her and I get to do anything together before the wife pops out the new daughter, but long walks to and from the car in rain and hail with a two year old don't sound fun at all... for her, at least. Personally I like it. But to make matters worse, tornado watch until 10 PM...

Four : If you can't make it out, or don't want to, SKC apparently has a YouTube stream prepared.

US Open Cup: Sporting KC v Des Moines Menace

Five : Given the unavailability of some of the guys you would think would normally play in this match, namely forwards Dom Dwyer, Soony Saad, and Teal Bunbury, I think SKC will almost be forced to use some "top-tier" forwards in this match. I'm thinking we see Jacob Peterson, CJ Sapong and Kei Kamara. Here's a wild guess at the starting XI.

Six : Gonna have to run home to grab my parking pass and scarf :( Ah well, should be a fun game, assuming it actually happens. Would be a real shame to need to postpone it.

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