Monday, April 15, 2013

Deluxe Apartment

A fair amount of mvoement this week in the rankings, though no one making major jumps. This is probably a good thing. Now that we've hit the "magic" five game mark I expect to see this sort of thing. Teams gliding up or down based on results and things starting to shake out. LA still at the #1 spot soley on the fact that they started the season so well, but if you check the chart yo ucan see they've been trending down hard.

Some how Chicago lost and still managed to gain points... essentially the system now sees a one goal loss for them as a positive, I guess (combined with some poor results for other basement dwelling teams). I think that's both funny and a little sad...

Anyway, here's how the table looks today.

Here's the graph. Note LA's trend if keeping them at #1 makes you uncomfortable.

And of course now that we're into the season enough, we can figure out a new flavor of the week. And no real surprise here, Dallas has been on a roll.

So there you have it, LA still on top, but just barely... will we have a new champion next week? Only one way to find out.

I'm flying to New York for work this afternoon and will be lucky enough to be in town for the SKC game, so I may not get around to updating this until the following week. Apologies in advance. Until then : courage.

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