Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lalala can't hear you etc.

Well that was a bit of a disappoing match. Quick thoughts would be that they need to figure out their shoe situation, as people were sliding all over the place, and I thought Donovan looked really, really good. Also made me wonder if PV going for the win was the right call. I expected bunker and counter from us with a lot of absorbing pressure, but it almost seemed the other way around. 3 points from a game-on-each-coast-back-to-back road trip is still good, but 4 would have been... well, one better.

Still, can't complain too much, LA is a very good team and can be tough to beat at home. Here's player ratings for the match.

Man of the match to Donovan for a great performance. He just may be back.

Tip of the hat to Matt Besler, SKC's best performer on the night.

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