Monday, August 27, 2012

I wear newspapers for pants

So not a lot to tell really, except that I'm once more iterating power rankings. And I think I'm gonna do it graphically this week, since copy and pasting into blogger has been sort of a hassle... Let's see if this works out.

First, as always, the actual rankings.

Next up we've got the SHFR trend charts. Click to embiggen.

Then, this week, I'm trying something new. People always seem to think my rankigns aren't changing fast enough, or TEAM XXXX HAS PLAYED SO GOOD WTF, so here's the same ranking system applied to the last 5 games only. i.e. if the season started five games ago, here's how the rankings would look for each team.

Annnnnd.... that's a about it really. Yay! And yay San Jose!

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