Saturday, August 18, 2012

SHFR you say?

So it's amazing how much you can get done when you throw Sesame Street on for your daughter and give your wife the new issue of Bon Appetite.

I kid, I kid... kind of.  But I did decide to actually plot the SHFr ratings for each team instead of just their rankings, for a bit more fluid indication of how teams have performed this year.

Here's hte first attempt.

No, that's not an error with SKCs initial performance. The SHFR system goes from 1,000,000 to... Whatever 1/21*1,000,000 is. 47,619, I guess. Obviously there's a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the season, but you can see wher eexpectations where.

In order to make more sense of how teams are playing now, here's the same chart except scaled to teams for the last few weeks.

So you can see that my system, while ranking teams 1-19, isn't just based on linear rankings. There's some underlying ratings that show DC trending down, TFC and Montreal trending up, and San Jose really playing excellent soccer for the last half of the season or so...

Not much more to say about it except these were drawn up in Excel 2003, while I usually use Excel 2007... Away from my good laptop for awhile, but I'll get the charts looking prettier for the end of the season, I promise.

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