Monday, March 25, 2013

Not how to draw it up...

So a lot of people seemed upset at the performance in Boston this weekend, and I'll agree, it was one of the uglier 0-0 draws youll see, but I'd disagree with the notion that it was a throw back to the early years of the league. Back then you'd see a 5-4 defensive meltdown performance. This game, I feel, was the result of two teams without big offensive weapons (Zusi and Bengstrom) trying to not make mistakes. Cold, windy conditions and a small, plastic field didn't help thing. New England basically came out in a 4-5-1 that became a 4-6-0 when Barret came out.

All that said though, I'm always of the opinion that a road point in MLS is fine, and it's only Week 4. SKC has played 3 out of 4 matches on the road and earned 4 points. If they can keep up that pace and find their home form I think things will be just fine this season.

Now then, ratings.

New England with the slight advantage ratings wise, and I think the stats would reflect that. SKC has many fewer passes than New England, and that's concerning, but holding a team to 0 shots on goal is a great accomplishment none the less. Collin and Opara tied for Man of the Match. Let's give it to Opara. I thought Collin had the better game, but always fun to credit the new guy.

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