Monday, March 11, 2013

Upside down in Canada, eh?

Well that wasn't all that enjoyable. Two more give away goals and a mountain to climb in the second half on oen of the worst playing surfaces I've ever seen. Still, it's tough to win on the road in MLS, and 3 points from two away games isn't all that bad going into the homeopener next week.

Bieler looks like a great pickup, and I've got to think Zusi will be seeing some offers down the road. Convey and Feilhaber need to get it together though, they're just not getting it done like Kei and Roger were.

Here's the player ratings for the game. Teams actually weren't very far apart at all, and if you look only at the stats, SKC really controlled a lot of the match, especially in the second half. Just couldn't find a way to breakdown Toronto once they had a two goal cushion. Back line cohesion seems to be a problem as well. I've seen so many times now where half the back line would step up while the other half would be a step or two late in keeping a man onsides. I'm not saying we're playing an offside trap neccessarily, but the high pressure and high back line seems to be giving up a lot of space in behind the defenders, and if they're not communicating, better teams can really punish us.

 So kudos to Robert Earnshaw and TFC for the win. Hopefully, Toronto's last of the season.

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