Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ready... aim...

Not the greatest game, especially considering how poor Chicago have been lately, but definitely some silver lining in the clean sheet and the defense seems to be coming together. Still, same old story of SKC dominating possession and shots, but being unable to turn shots into goals (see previous post).

The trend of teams coming in and playing sloppy matches for a draws worries me a little, and PV and co are going to need to figure it out.

Here's some player ratings for the match. Lots of positives for both teams back lines.

Joint man of the matches to Collin and Zusi, Collin for some great defensive work and a good pass or too, and Zusi for being Zusi. I really hope he likes it in Kansas City, because I've got to think his performances over the last year and the way he's started this season have caught many a scout's eye...

And, while I'm pulling em off my phone, here's some shots from yesterday's game.

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