Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shots shots shots shotsshotsshots

I thought I had posted about this last season, and maybe I had, but it came up again after last night's game, so I thought I'd formalize it here, if only so that I could reference it later instead of having to dig up last years spreadsheet.

Just how bad is SKCs shots:shots on goal and shots on goal:goal percentage? Fairly bad.

Kansas City was second worst in the league in finishing last year, with a shots:SOG ratio of 29.15%, and a SOG:Goals ratio of 26.58%. This results in a shots:goals ratio of 7.75%. The only team worse than SKC was Chivas, and that is not good company to be in. Conversely, San Jose and New York lead the league at 13.9% and 14.4% respectively.

The league average was 10.25 goals scored for every 100 shots.

SKC lead the league in shots last year with 542. If they were just "average" i.e. scored on 10.25% of their shots instead of 7.75%, they would have scored an additional 13 goals last year... And I can think of 13 games where I could have taken an extra goal...

edit - Here's the full table. You'll notice Kei Kamara is included in this. His number is excluded from the league average. I was curious to see how he stacked up against SKC as a whole as well as to other teams in the league. Click to embiggen.

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