Sunday, June 10, 2012

Better late than never

Now that I'm in the zone I've gotten around to throwing down some player ratings for the Colorado Open Cup game. I did take a chance to review the highlights and discovered that the full match is still up on youtube. Right here, for those interested in a rewatch.

But, since I mostly use stats to calculate ratings, I didn't put that much thought into it. Here's how the ratings came out.

Colorado Rapids
Matt Pickens4.7
Scott Palguta4.4
Tyrone Marshall4.7
Kosuke Kimura4.7
Hunter Freeman4.0
Martin Rivero4.7
Jeff Larentowicz4.7
Jaime Castrillon5.1
Ross LaBauex4.0
Tony Cascio4.4
Kamani Hill4.7
Wells Thompson4.7
Andre Akpan4.4
Sporting Kansas City
Jimmy Nielsen6.1
Chance Myers6.1
Aurelien Collin5.8
Matt Besler6.1
Seth Sinovic6.1
Julio Cesar4.7
Lawrence Olum4.4
Jacob Peterson5.1
Peterson Joseph5.1
Graham Zusi4.7
Teal Bunbury6.5
Soony Saad4.4
CJ Sapong5.8

And so, with that, the man of the match against Colorado was SKCs own Teal Bunbury. I thought he had a really good game and I hope this means he's found his form. We could really use a target man with the scoring touch while Kei is out on international duty, or while Kei is still with the team, for that matter. I think the defence has looked good all season, but scoring more than once and scoring during the run of play is what I want to see more of if we're going to make a real claim for the MLS Cup.

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