Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It happened, it happened

So that was definitely an interesting game. Not that entertaining for a neutral, I would imagine, and probably really poor if you're a Monreal fan, but... well.. interesting.

I actually don't really agree with either PK call, but I don't entirely disagree with them either. Each one was maybe 50/50, so getting one in our favor isn't too bad. What was bad was how poor we were playing after going down a goal, and how well we played after scoring one. It looked be another typical SKC loss, where we dominate the stat line but lose the most important part, but once Kamara had the ball in the back of the net it all turned around.

And for the record, I totally called Peterson playing well last month. Jacob Peterson, that is. Not Peterson Jopseh. Though he hasn't played poorly either...

Anyways, I was surprised to see that it finally happened, a player on a non-winning team scored high enough to warrrent man of the match. So here we go...

Montreal Impact
Donovan Ricketts 4.6
Zarek Valentin 4.6
Shavar Thomas 4.6
Felipe 5.8
Patrice Bernier 6.9
Davy Arnaud 4.3
Justin Mapp 4.9
Collen Warner 4.6
Sanna Nysassi 4.3
Jeb Brovsky 4.9
Hassan Camara 5.8
Justin Braun 4.0
Eduardo Sebrango 4.6
Marco di Vaio 4.6
Team Average 4.9

Sporting Kansas City
Jimmy Nielsen 5.2
Aurelien Collin 5.2
Seth Sinovic 4.3
Chance Myers 4.9
Matt Besler 5.2
Graham Zusi 6.3
Roger Espinzoa 6.0
Paolo Nagamura 5.2
Jacob Peterson 5.8
Peterson Joseph 4.3
Kei Kamara 6.0
CJ Sapong 4.6
Teal Bunbury 4.3
Soony Saad 4.3
Team Average 5.1

So, there you go. Even though SKC looked to be the much better team by the score line, it was only a slightly better outing player by player. Montreal actually had the better share of possesion by the end of the match, and the stats were, more or less, even. So Graham Zusi with SKCs best performance, but Petrice Bernier gets man of the match and earns a spot as one of the players Kansas City no longer wants to see lining up against us.

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