Friday, April 6, 2012

The bottom line up front first bluff

Look, I'll just cut to the chase here, since I'm about to takethe wife to see Titanic 3D like we're 15 again. I've tried to work out some sort of rigorous way to do power rankings and gauge team performance using more than just gut feeling type rankings. I actually think Elo rankings are a great way to do this, but there's already plenty of sites that do that out there. I'll go into more depth about what I've come up with later (maybe when I figure out what I'm doing), but for now, here's how my numbers stack up as of Week 4.

The Good

1. Kansas City
2. Salt Lake City
3. San Jose
4. Seattle
5. Colorado
6. Vancouver

The (not so) Bad

7. Columbus
8. New York
9. Houston
10. Chicago
11. Portland
12. Dallas
13. LA

The Ugly

14. DC
15. New England
16. Chivas
17. Philadelphia
18. Montreal
19. Tortonto

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