Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Draw something.

Oh man, you're not going to like this at all...

Parsing the WPL numbers over lunch and was a bit surprised at just how much disagreement there is over this weeks games. So much so I even considered tweaking the formula, before realizing that even in the next notch down there would still be more than half of the matches predicted for draws. As such, I left it as is, and anticipate a wild week of come from behind draws and some crazy frantic actions. However, there is one result people seem to agree on, which for me was just as surprising...

What was it? Read on.

Here we go.

DC and Montreal draw.
Vancouver and Kansas City draw.
Toronto and Chicago draw.
Columbus and Houston draw.
Colorado and LA draw.
Vancouver and Dallas draw.
Portland and Kansas City draw.
Chivas and Phildelphia draw.
San Jose beats Salt Lake City by 1 goal.
DC and New York draw.

I don't know what the record for draws in a week is, but I can tell you the next few days will be interesting.

Anyway, I'm off to Portland tomorrow for just my second away game ever, so I'm super excited. Much more to come next week, and here's to hoping for a win tonight.

In all honesty, I'm okay with draws here. Playing road games on short rest will always be tough and if we can grind it out and just not lose we've got a week off next week. Also, after this week, SKC will be two thirds of their way finished playing "tougher" Western teams. While I don't much buy that the Western conference is superior, it does mean less travel to the West coast, which I think is a bit of a good thing.

Anyway, 2 points from two games this week would be okay. 3 would be better. 4 better still and 6 would be amasin'.

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