Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some lazy player ratings

This is really the lazy, non-thinking way to do it, and looking at it now, I can already see some people who are too high and a few who are too low. These are essentially just the MLS fantasy game's assigned points, broken out into points per minute, and then referenced against each other by standard deviations away from a 5.0 (i.e. average) game. So, basically, derived ratings from arbitrary results, instead of simply using arbitrary results.

It's obviously an unfair way to do it for players who play less than 90 minutes, but just work with me on this, mmmk?

*edit, okay, I figured out a slightly better way to do it by adjusting the points earned by the actual number of minutes played compared to the avergae number of minutes played. So it balances things out a bit more and looks a little more right. It also might help to think of the ratings less of a measure of how well did player X perform individually on a scale of 1-10 and think of it more as 'how much did player X being on the field help his team win'. So a higher rating indicates that the player was more instrumental in that team getting a good result. This way subs will generally be ranked lower, though it doesn't neccessarily mean they played poorly...

Player Rating
Josh Saunders 5.5
Todd Dunivant 4.4
AJ Delagarza 5.2
Sean Franklin 4.8
Andrew Boyens 4.0
Tommy Meyer 4.4
Landon Donovan 4.0
Marcello Sarvas 4.0
Juniho 4.4
Mike Magee 4.0
Kyle Nakazawa 4.0
Robbie Keane 4.8
Edson Buddle 4.0
Chad Barrett 4.0
Kansas City
Jimmy Nielsen 6.3
Aurelien Collin 7.1
Matt Besler 6.3
Seth Sinovic 6.3
Chance Myers 5.9
Graham Zusi 5.9
Julio Cesar 5.2
Bobby Convey 6.3
Jacob Peterson 4.4
Kei Kamara 6.3
CJ Sapong 4.8
Teal Bunbry 3.6

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