Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh. It's you.

So April's not entirely over for all of us, but given that there's no game until May I figure I might as well crunch some stats and figure out another Man of the Month type thing. So I did. And this is it. And once again, I don't think it's much of a surprise.

Aurelien Collin is heads above the rest. Get it. Heads? A header joke? He scores goals with his head? Anyway, I was almost tempted to just say screw it, the whole defence get's it, but Collin has figured his way into set piece offence now in a Jimmy Conrad-esque way. With his defending and a couple of goals in April he definitely earns it.

Here's the full ratings for April. Remember, these are normalized to 5.0, so roughly half the players will be below that. It doesn't neccessary mean they're playing poorly, just that compared to the rest of the team they've added less value.

Jimmy Nielsen5.7
Aurelien Collin7.0
Matt Besler5.9
Seth Sinovic5.6
Chance Myers5.7
Lawrence Olum3.5
Graham Zusi5.8
Julio Cesar4.4
Bobby Convey4.9
Roger Espinzoa4.9
Jacob Peterson3.7
Paolo Nagamura3.9
Kei Kamara5.3
CJ Sapong4.9
Teal Bunbury3.7

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