Monday, May 7, 2012

All good things

The results are in and I've put the digital gerbils to work. Some people probaly aren't going to like that this week we have a losing team advancing in the rankings, but I would point out that even if their ranking increase, they still lost points from their rating. No one else made up enough ground to cover the gap, is all. I'm speaking, of course, of San Jose taking over the #1 spot, with SKC falling to #2. Here's the full power rankings and ratings, with a this week/last week breakdown.

San Jose1+14.900- 0.567
Kansas City2-15.000- 1.222
Seattle35.900+ 0.544
Salt Lake City47.100+ 0.233
New York57.900+ 0.433
Vancouver68.600+ 0.400
DC78.900+ 0.656
Colorado8+110.200+ 0.356
Chicago9-110.400+ 0.156
Houston1011.200- 0.644
Dallas1112.100- 0.767
LA1212.400- 0.622
Columbus1312.500- 0.056
Philadelphia14+113.100+ 0.456
Chivas15-113.500- 0.722
Montreal16+214.400+ 1.378
Portland17-114.400+ 0.044
New England18-115.000+ 0.000
Toronto1919.700- 0.144

So, with that, congrats to San Jose. I'm really starting to wonder when Wondolowski will get another chance at the US nats as well, he's completely tearing it up out there. Also Toronto is awful. Just awful. More like Torontolololo.

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