Friday, May 11, 2012

Stoke-ing the Fire

Saw this over on BigSoccer...

Sporting Kansas City vs. Stoke City

it sounds about right, actually, as they've only confirmed one match in the US so far. I believe we'd be their second. I'm sure some will be upset it's not a bigger name team, but I'm pretty excited. Of course, I'll be stuck in meetings in Pittsburgh that week... ;/

Also Gooch has a good writeup on what SKC is going to need to do to keep winning. Namely, find more ways to score.

 Sporting Kansas City in need of a new plan of attack

I for one was sort of bummed to see Bravo go, and this is exactly the kind of situation I was worried about. I wanna see Convey start scoring, Zusi putting more shots on frame, and Roger and Chance netting a few goals this year.

Good luck to all those traveling to Chicago, wish I could join ya for this one. Bring back 3!

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