Monday, May 28, 2012

Player of the month? Player of the month.

I guess I could wait until tomorrow's Open Cup match is over, but no one will be compiling fantasy stats for this one, and since that's how I've tried to baselines these ratings, it wouldn't make much sense. Also, so far, the numbers are pretty clear and, given the goals that were leaked this month, the defense isn't likely to win anything (though offense wasn't stellar either).

So, with that out of the way, here's how the ratings for May worked out.

Player Rating
Jimmy Nielsen 5.2

Aurélien Collin 5.6
Matt Besler 4.4
Seth Sinovic 4.6
Chance Myers 4.4
Lawrence Olum 3.6
Michael Harrington 5.4

Graham Zusi 6.3
Julio César 5.0
Bobby Convey 6.0
Roger Espinoza 5.0
Jacob Peterson 3.6
Paulo Nagamura 4.0
Peterson Joseph 3.4

Kei Kamara 6.7
C.J. Sapong 5.4
Teal Bunbury 6.3

Kei Kamara played every minute of every game and had a huge game against San Jose, being involved in both goals for the win. He's getting a well deserved trip back home to Sierra Leone and I wish him all the best. Happy to send him off as this month's Sporting Player of the Month. I should have my wife bake him a cake or something. Heart shaped hands all around.

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