Monday, May 21, 2012

Okay, power rankings are coming out...

I was actually ahead of the game this week and got everything setup early so I could just dump results in. I actually did that because I wanted to setup a hypothetical situation for SKC to see if it was possible for them to regain the top spot. I think a win with a +2GD combined with an SJE loss might have been enough, but that didn't come to pass. Anyway, it made it alot easier to just "plug and chug", and I actually think the rankings worked out quite well this week. Don't know that I could objectively rank them any better. Of course I'll have to wait and see what other people come up with to compare (and, yes, I am actually tracking comparisons too), but I think it adjusted itself very well this week.

*eep, edit - I had made a small mistake in calculating Torton and Vancouver this week. It didn't change any of the rankings, but the ratings got tweaked slightly. Apologies...

So, without Freddy Adu (get it!?!?!?@!# F)...

Team       RankWeekly Δ       RatingWeekly Δ
San Jose105.917-0.46
Salt Lake City2+26.333+0.30
New York4+16.750+0.52
Kansas City5-27.250-0.98
New England15+213.417+1.04

One thing that I think is interesting to note is just how close the bottom third is. Everyone sitting around a rating of about 13, so barely worth even trying to differentiate. A lot of movement though. Maybe LA should be above Dallas, but it's always nice to put LA a bit lower since MLS always seems to keep them in the top 10 no matter what.

Also interesting is just how bad Toronto is. A rating of 19 means they'd average being in 19th position. They are currently sub 19, which means they're actually worse than would be possible. This is because in the ratings I include two hypothetical baseline teams (An average of 2 points per game and +1 GD team and a 1 poing per game +0 GD team). But still. Toronto is barely worth talking about. Of course the same could probably be said of SKC last year, except they had actually earned points and a very friendly second half schedule. I think Toronto is setting a new bar for futility, though I'd love to see them prove me wrong.

Anyway, SKC is home to SJE next week and that should be a super important game for both teams.

Must win? Must win.

Also, as the top team, here's a picture of San Jose's crest. Yay San Jose!

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