Monday, May 28, 2012


Once more through the meat grinder, eh? Anyway, what a game that was, really exciting stuff. Goals, controversy, blood, ball kids getting beat down, edge of my seat stuff. Had a blast, and I'll post more later, but for now, I'll just dump some player ratings.
San Jose
Jon Busch5.3
Justin Morrow4.6
Steven Beitsashor4.3
Ramiro Corrales5.3
Jason Hernandez4.3
Ike Opara4.3
Rafael Baca4.6
Mavin Chavez5.0
Khari Stephenson4.6
Simon Dawkins6.4
Tressor Moreno4.3
Brad Ring5.0
Alan Gordon4.3
Cesar Diaz Pizzaro4.3

Sporting Kansas City
Jimmy Nielsen4.6
Aurelien Collin5.0
Matt Besler5.0
Chance Myers4.6
Seth Sinovic4.3
Michael Harrington6.1
Lawrence Olum3.9
Graham Zusi5.3
Roger Espinoza5.3
Julio Cesar5.0
Paolo Nagamura4.3
Kei Kamara8.9
CJ Sapong6.4
Teal Bunbry4.6

Shouldn't really be a big surprise that Kei Kamara gets man of the match. Dominant performance by him this game, and here's top hoping he does well with Sierra Leone.

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