Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ask again later

In honor of midweek games and BigSoccer going dark for upgrades (in what will surely be a move that will require many soccer fans to find other, more productive ways to waste their tieme), I'm getting predictions in early this week. It actually seems like a pretty straightforward week, so I'm hoping things pan out well. I bet big in the WPL game, at least...

Colorado and New England draw
Seattle beats LA by a goal
San Jose beats DC by two goals
Chicago and Chivas draw
DC and Toronto draw
Seattle beats Philadelphia by two goals
San Jose and Vancouver draw
LA betas New York by two goals
Kansas City beats Montreal by three goals
Salt Lake City beats New England by two goals
Portland beats Columbus by one goal
Colorado and Dallas draw

Definitely excited about the SKC game this week, I've got a good feeling about it (which of course means I just jinxed it). With Montreal playing for a Canadian CCL spot mid week (a game I think they're gonna want to give their all given how the MLS season is going for them) I think we've got a great chance at a win. Maybe even a blowout. Plus it'll be a nice home comming for Davy.

I also secured tickets for the away game in Philly in June, so that should be another fun trip. But more on that later.

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